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How to Apply Spray Finishing on Wood

Finishing on wooden furniture will be much more effective using a spray gun because it can speed up wood finishing and can produce a much flatter and smoother finishing surface. Before using a spray gun for wood finishing, there are several things we need to know how to use a spray gun properly and correctly.


Giving the distance between the spray gun and the surface of the wood to be finished is about 150 millimeters because the distance is too far makes the layer too thin, and vice versa if the distance is too close it will make the layer too thick.

Spraying angle

In using a spray gun, the angle of spraying is very important to note. The most effective angle is a right angle or 90 degrees. In order to get a more even finishing result.


The spraying speed of the spray gun is min 900 mm/second while for max 1,200 mm/second and keep the speed in use stable at that number.

Check condition before finishing

Especially for those who repaint, try to pay attention to scratches or previous paint not on the furniture that will be finishing if there are scratches or paint left behind later during the finishing process the results are uneven.

Spray Gun Quality

In using a spray gun, choose a good quality one. Look for the one that suits your needs and abilities because there are so many types of spray guns.

Finishing Process with Spray System

Using a spray gun when finishing makes the process go faster. There are 5 general steps that can be used for the finishing process using a spray gun. Here are the steps that can be followed:

1. Prepare the wood substrate slightly to produce a smooth and even surface. Then sand the wood with sandpaper 100 to 150 or 180. Use sandpaper gradually to produce a more even surface of the wood. Dry the wood, with the right level of humidity because wood that is still damp will cause mold and termites.

2. When the wood is dry, clean of dirt and dust, the wood is ready to start the finishing process with a spray gun. For the first layer and as a base coat to fill the wood pores.

3. Mix the sanding sealer with thinner, when the solution has mixed well it is ready to be used with a spray gun to be applied to the wood surface. Spray all over the surface until smooth, use a cross spray. So that the sanding sealer solution enters the pores of the wood.

Thinner used for Thinner A, Thinner A Special, Thinner Multi Purpose Regular, and Thinner Multi Purpose Special.

4. Wait for the sanding sealer to dry for 60 minutes, then sand the threshold using sandpaper 400. Remove the remaining sanding dust before applying the polish.

5. Prepare the polish. Choose a matte or gloss top coat for the final look of wood furniture. Mix the top coat with thinner then stir until smooth. Spray all over the wood surface until smooth. Apply slowly and thinly. If you want to give two layers of furniture, then wait for the coating to dry for approximately 60 minutes and then sand again with 400 sandpaper. Spray again, let stand for 24 hours or overnight so that the coating is completely dry.

Hope this article helps.

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