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Who We Are

CV Tando Jaya, located in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, provides a variety of high-quality products and service solutions for our customers. We provide industrial chemical products to meet customer specifications and expectations.


Since 2005, we have provided a wide selection of products and services aimed at helping the company we serve with all their chemical needs. Our chemical products cover chemical needs for volcanic, painting, automotive, printing, electronics, furniture and shoes sandals, etc. Our product services include mixing, filling, and packaging solvent-based products.


As a category expert in brands, we provide customized product solutions and value-added services such as product sourcing, product development, quality control testing, product mixing, bulk chemical supply and package shipping.


To be a Thinner and Chemical manufacturer company with a global reputation and global quality.

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Realizing customer satisfaction with quality service products and becoming an optimal Thinner and Chemical product with competitive prices and superior quality at the same time continuing to increase the brand equity of our products.

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