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3 Benefits of Using Xylene

Even though it has the potential to be a dangerous chemical if used incorrectly, there are at least 3 benefits to using xylene in your home.

Often called xylol, xylene is a strong chemical solvent. It is derived from petroleum and therefore, has certain advantages over other similar products.

1.     It is a strong solvent

It may seem strange, but solvents are chemicals that are similar on a molecular level to the substances they are designed to dissolve. Because it is made from petroleum, xylene is excellent at cleaning oil-based products such as paint, wood stain, and other synthetic products, without damaging the surface. Many oil-based decking enamels and varnishes can be thinned or cleaned with xylene, which also works well as a solvent when used with compounds applied to metal to prevent rust. Other substances that can be dissolved by xylene include adhesives such as glue, putty and it is also effective for removing resin and waterproofing materials.

2.     Thinning the varnish and softening some of the paint

Because xylene dissolves synthetic products, it can be mixed with certain paints and varnishes to thin them. If one tried to spray varnish through a normal paint spray gun, the product would be too thick to spray and would simply clog the spray gun. Varnish thinning takes care of all this. When the varnish is sprayed via a spray gun, this not only saves time but also ensures the varnish is applied in a thin, even layer. Likewise, if a small amount of xylene is mixed with certain paints it will cause the paint to soften. Once softened, the paint will be easier to brush or spray on, without lumps. Apart from that, thinning paint will spread further. However, it will not hide blemishes either.

3.     Has a slower evaporation time than other products

The toluene product is a chemical whose product is very similar to xylene. It is also used to thin varnish but toluene has a faster evaporation rate than xylene. This will cause the varnish to dry more quickly if cut with toluene than if cut with xylene. Although a faster drying time may seem beneficial, if the varnish dries too quickly, the varnish results will be uneven because the product does not have a chance to flow together. The result is a grainy, bumpy surface that resembles a topographic map or the texture of an orange peel. Adding a small amount of xylene to the varnish first will slow down the drying time and prevent this from happening. Artists also benefit from slowing down the drying time of their paint . Artists working with oil-based paint will find that a slower drying time will increase the time it takes for the paint to blend the colors.

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