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5 Practical Tips for Iron Rust Removal

a. Thinner

- Put the iron to be cleaned in a spacious or comfortable place to clean, it can be outside the room

- Wear protection to cover the face and hands to avoid something unwanted

- Choose and pour an odorless thinner liquid

- Then scrub and clean the rust with a cloth until the iron looks clean again

b. Hot water and repainting

- Prepare hot water

- Wet a cloth with hot water with soap

- Scrub the rusty iron then flush with the remaining hot water

- Wait until it is completely dry then do the painting again

c. Soft drink

- Prepare a fizzy drink then pour it on a rusty iron or you can also soak it

- let stand a few moments until the rust fades

- then wipe off the rust with a damp cloth

- After that, wipe again with a dry cloth

d. White vinegar

- Soak the iron in vinegar overnight or you can immediately pour the rusty vinegar and scrub with a cloth

- Scrub the iron with a wire brush after the soaking process

- Clean with water and dry until clean and dry

e. Baking soda

- Mix water with baking soda

- Apply to rusty iron until rust is not visible

- Let stand for 1 hour more

- Then scrub with a wire brush

- Rinse thoroughly with water then dry until the iron is dry and looks beautiful again

We provide various kinds of thinner not only for dissolving iron rust. Please contact us at Practical Tips for Iron Rust Removal

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