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Causes of Wrinkled Paint and How to Fix Them

Have you ever found your paint wrinkles on various items?

as for the reasons for the paint to become wrinkled are as follows:

1. Foxy primer mixing error

2. Error mixing thinner and unbalanced paint

3. Mistake in spraying distance that is too close or too far

4. Drying the putty that has not completely dried

5. The influence of weather on the drying process

These are some of the reasons that can occur that will cause the paint to shrink or look like an orange peel. But don't worry, there are solutions you can do to overcome the shrinkage of the paint, such as:

1. Spray NC varnish with thinner A or A Special and spray remotely so that the panel turns slightly darker.

2. Wait until it dries completely, then sand it evenly

3. Then spray the paint again in a spread and gradual manner

4. Cover the panel with NC varnish

That's a simple solution that you can use to deal with wrinkles in paint.

May be useful.


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