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Crude Oil and How to Clean It!

Crude oil that has just come out of an exploration well contains a variety of different chemical substances in gas, liquid and solid form. More than half of these substances are hydrocarbons. The main compounds contained in petroleum are aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic (Supriharyono 2000). Petroleum is found together with natural gas. Petroleum that has been separated from natural gas is called crude oil.

Crude oil can be divided into 2, namely:

1. Light crude oil, which contains low levels of metals and sulfur, is light in color and is thin.

2. Heavy crude oil, which contains high levels of metal and sulfur, has a high viscosity so it must be heated to melt.

People who work in oil and gas always have a problem, namely dirty hands exposed to crude oil. Especially those who work in equipment maintenance and drilling.

Washing your hands using a solvent is quite an effective method. Use a Solvent Cleaner/Cleaning Solvent to remove residual crude oil on your hands. After that, rinse again using soap and water.

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Hopefully this article is useful!

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