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Home Furniture Creations From Wooden Pallets

Apart from being used as an element in rustic-style decorations such as wedding receptions, used wood pallets are also often used as material for making home furniture. A pallet is a piece of wood that is used as a base or as a wrapper for goods to be sent by the expedition, usually, those using pallets are large items. so that goods do not crumble easily because they have been stacked for quite a long time, the type of wood used is also dense and strong. Therefore, the pallet was chosen to be the base and protector for sending goods. When it's finished being used, usually a lot of used wooden pallets that are idle are not used anymore. Let's turn used wooden pallets into home decorations.

1. Pet place

Wooden pallets can be changed and modified into simple to complex furniture. One of the easiest shapes to make from pallets is a bed for pets. Besides being easy, the cost to make it is not expensive. You can be creative as you wish, you can add color to make the pet bed more beautiful.

2. Hanging rack

One of the minimalist pieces of furniture made from wooden pallets is a hanging shelf with a very simple design. So you can make it yourself without having to buy it at a high price.

3. Headboards

The wood on the pallet can be removed and formed into different items such as headboards. The surface of a commonly used wooden pallet has a rough texture. To change like a headboard, it is necessary to sand the entire surface of the wood and then apply a coating layer to make it more durable and can be used for a long time. Besides being durable, the headboard can also appear more attractive if you add pastel colors or pictures.

You can also add color or pictures to the pet bed, hanging shelf, or headboard to add paint to the very easy palette. There are several ways to paint that you can pay attention to to get maximum results. You can read the article to help in understanding related to mixing paint with thinner on wood.

4. Bed

For now, there are lots of people who use pallets as beds. Turning a pallet into a bed is quite easy. We just have to arrange and stack the pallets according to our wishes.

5. Center Room Table

Pallet wood can be used as a coffee table and placed in the living room or terrace of the house. Apart from that, it also makes this palette a study table for children, or a work table. Add legs at the bottom of the pallet and adjust the height as needed.

To beautify your palette, use Thinner DMK01 as a coating to make your palette looks shiny. Contact us for more info through WA or visit our website

Hope this article helps!

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