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How to Care for Wall Paint

The wall is an important component of a house. Over time, the condition of the walls will deteriorate and become damaged. Generally, walls and at home often experience problems such as peeling.

The paint is still peeling off but the walls are in good condition, other possibilities are:

1. During the painting process, the new walls may not be completely dry when painted,

2. The use of low quality wall putty or plamir, so that when it is painted, the putty or plamir is removed or after some time,

3. Do not use primer / alkaline primer or primer / alkaline primer used not in accordance with the final painting system,

4. Painting on surfaces that contain dust, dirt, or oil so that the paint adhesion is reduced,

5. What often happens is that when repainting, the old paint layer is not scraped off first, so that the old paint layer, which lacks adhesion, is easily attracted or peeled off by a new layer of higher quality paint.

6. Or it could be done on the old chalked paint, making it easy to peel off.

Tips so that wall paint doesn't peel off easily, namely:

1. Clean the walls to be painted

The first way you need to do so that the paint doesn't peel off quickly is to first clean the wall to be painted. The wall must be ascertained whether it is clean from dirt such as dust or not. You can clean it using a home cleaning tool such as. Get rid of unnecessary items stuck to the wall such as insulation, nails and so on. After that, you can start the house painting process. However, the final result of the painting will be more perfect if the walls are flat from the beginning. Therefore, it is important to exercise control when you want to build various house walls. If there are holes in the walls of the house, cover the holes with putty or dry cement before painting them.

2. Using a special exterior paint

One of the factors that can cause peeling wall paint is that you are not using the right type of wall paint. For example, if you want to paint the exterior of the house using an elegant house paint color, choose the exterior paint type. This paint is specially made to last much longer than interior paint. Therefore, this type of paint is very suitable to be used to complement the building facade materials used. In addition, this paint is also much more perfect and can withstand extreme weather, dirt to mildew.

3. Adjust the paint with the wall material

If you want to paint a house, one of the things to pay attention to is to choose the type of wall paint that matches the wall covering material you are using. Wall paint to coat types of construction wood will certainly be different from the wall paint used to coat natural stone walls. Paint characteristics also usually adjust to the room. Wall paint on the outside of the house tends to be thicker than the wall paint on the inside of the house.

4. Using bright paint colors

The use of bright colors is also highly recommended for your home. Beautiful and cool house paint colors can affect the visuals of the room and the people who see it. Bright colors are recommended because they contain much less pigment than dark colors. Pigment is what makes the risk of paint fading faster and less. The colors that you can use include yellow, pink, white, soft green and so on.

5. Painting the walls with a roller

So that the paint does not peel off, the wall painting process must be done properly. One way is to use the right painting tool, namely the type of roller only. Not only does it provide better results, it also speeds up the work process. Use a painting pattern resembling the letters “WS” or “MS”. Don't forget to paint from the dry side of the wall to remove any traces of roller left on the wall. Remember to avoid using brushes with short bristles, as they don't absorb paint very well and can leave marks on walls.

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