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How to Putty Your Own Car

There are times when we cannot see the scratches that disturb the beauty of the car, with these scratches making the car less beautiful and not looking good. The busyness of everyday life makes us not have enough time to come to the workshop every time it is needed and we end up having to clean up the scratches ourselves. To remove these scratches we must be careful because we are not experts, so we need to know:

A. Several ways to minimize our work errors later, such as:

1. Clean the car body from dust and any stains

2. Make sure the body conforms to the initial shape, not dented and so on

3. Prepare basic paint mixed with thinner for the initial coat

4. Apply primer on the part to be caulked

5. Prepare the putty needs

6. Then apply on the body to be putty until evenly distributed

7. Let it dry, then sand it until the putty is evenly distributed to the original car body

8. If still uneven, do it again until evenly distributed

9. Dry and sand again as before

10. When finished, clean the putty body with car wash soap and pat dry

11. Finally, paint on the caulked car body so that the car looks beautiful again without any scratches

B. What thinner is needed for caulking:

The thinner that you can use for basic paint thinner that you will use for the application of primers in the caulking process can use thinner A or thinner A Special.

That's a little information about caulking properly when we are stuck for time to fix problems like this.

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