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How to Peel Off Wall Paint Using Thinner

Tired of the old wall paint color? Let's change the color of the wall paint according to what you want at this time. Before changing to a new color, of course you need to peel off the old wall paint first, so that painting the new color produces maximum results.

Before painting, prepare the equipment to peel off the old paint first. The following are ways you can do to peel off your old wall paint:

  • First, use gloves and masks as protection so as not to be exposed to liquids made from chemicals such as "Thinner"

  • Dip the brush in the thinner liquid and gently apply it to the wall to be exfoliated

  • Let stand for about 5 minutes

  • After leaving the wall, it will release air bubbles, then use a scrap to peel off

  • Repeat this for the other part of the wall until all of the old paint in the wall has been peeled off

  • After that, flush the walls with water until they are clean

  • Then wipe the wall and wait for it to dry completely

  • Once dry, scrub the walls with sandpaper

  • Then clean the sandpaper dust with a cloth

  • And the wall is ready to paint the new color you want.

Those are some ways to peel off old wall paint using thinner, besides being easy to find at the nearest material store, the price is also cheaper than the remover. Good luck. And don't forget to be careful with chemical-based liquids because they can be harmful to health and don't forget to clean used equipment when it's finished.

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