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How to Remove Paint Stains on Car Dashboard?

The car dashboard is one of the interiors that is located inside the car. Dashboards are often used to place various accessories and air fresheners. If the car dashboard is clean and smells good, of course it will make it more comfortable, but if the dashboard is dirty and dull, if the stains are left for a long time, the stains will be difficult to remove. One type of stain that is difficult to clean is paint.

How come the paint is on the dashboard? it could happen that you are doing a car painting. If something like that has happened, like it or not, we have to clean it up. For those who don't know how to remove paint stains from the dashboard of a car, they will experience difficulties because the nature of the paint when it is dry will be difficult to remove.

Some ways you can try are as follows:

· Thinners

To remove paint stains on the dashboard of your car, you can use thinner. Because you use thinner to dissolve the paint, so the paint stains on the dashboard will be removed more easily if you use thinner.

For the steps to remove paint stains on the dashboard using thinner as follows:

1. First prepare thinner. You can buy Thinner A Menorah here.

2. After getting the thinner, you can directly apply it to the part of the dashboard that is stained with paint. then rub evenly with a clean, dry cloth. If you feel that the paint stain is still difficult to remove, reapply thinner A until the thinner reacts to the paint stain.

3. So that the paint stains don't spread everywhere, if the cloth used to clean the paint looks dirty or the paint stains have moved to the cloth, you can replace it with a new cloth. For areas that are difficult to reach with your hands, you can use toothpaste to remove paint stains. finally the dashboard of the car is back to being clean.

· Rubbing compound

If you don't have thinner, you can use another method, namely using a rubbing compound. However, this method can be used on fresh paint stains. If the paint stain has been attached for a long time, it will be difficult to remove it with compound. For the steps to remove paint stains on the dashboard using a rubbing compound as follows:

1. Prepare a compound, a soft and clean cloth

2. When everything is ready, apply the compound evenly to the part of the dashboard that is exposed to paint and wait a few minutes for the compound to react to the paint.

3. Rub with a clean cloth until the paint stains disappear from the dashboard.

Hope this article helps!

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