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Let's get to know about Duco or NC Paint!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

There are many ways for you to beautify or beautify the appearance of your home and furniture, one of which is by painting your own paint, which has many types that distinguish each paint from its function, quality and basic ingredients. Well, this time we will discuss one that you can use, namely duco paint. What is duco paint?

Let's look at some explanations about duco paint.

Duco paint is a type of paint that is used for the final process or finishing by spraying with the help of a spary gun. Duco paint is a paint or finishing material made from nitrocellulose (NC) which we usually find in car paints, industrial machines, and other heavy equipment. For now, paint is also used for finishing furniture made of wood and iron, for example doors, windows, tables and others

For the finishing process

In the process of finishing using duco paint, it takes quite a longer time, it requires special techniques and details in applying. With technology that is growing, duco paint manufacturers have provided two types of duco paint, namely duco solvent paint and duco water based paint.

Duco solvent based paint can be dissolved using Thinner A and Thinner A Special Menorah.

How to apply duco paint

Some types of paint for the process of applying the paint using a brush, but for duco wood paint you must use a spray gun. In the process of applying duco paint, it is not possible to use a spray gun indiscriminately, which must have a pressure that is not too hard and not too slow. To get optimal results, it is necessary to adjust the distance in the spraying process about 30cm from the surface of the object to be painted. the result will look smoother and will also cover the entire surface of the object to the maximum.

The advantages of duco paint

Let's take a peek at the advantages that exist in duco paint:

  • Has a lot of solid colors. There are many color choices that you can use and can be matched with the interior design. Usually, only 1 duco paint brand has many color choices. These solid colors can also be mixed so that you get the color you want.

  • Can cover uneven object surface on wood. Duco paint is often used to cover wood surfaces that have some color damage. For example, the color of the wood is striped because it is used and has been used before. The color stripes that are usually found on the surface are due to fungus. Duco paint can shorten the finishing period, which previously had to use bleaching as a way to disguise blemishes or uneven colors with duco paint, no need for bleaching.

  • It has a thick and strong coating. The layer produced by duco paint is quite thick compared to stain paint because duco paint itself is made of pigment which makes it stick to the surface of the wood instead of seeping into the pores like most existing wood paints. Duco paint can form a thick layer that can provide protection to the wood surface

  • Can be applied to all types of wood. The paint will stick well if you apply it with a fast technique. Whether it's wood with large or small pores, the paint will be easy to apply. With the condition that the wood has a standard humidity of about 12-15% according to the type of wood. Otherwise, the paint will peel off easily and sand it first before finishing.

  • The final look can be customized. You are free to choose a top coat or top layer with different glossy wands according to your needs and desires. We need to remember, for maximum results you must use the right products. Avoid using the wrong layer or top coat so as not to cause a yellow effect.

Disadvantages of duco paint

  • In addition to having advantages there are several disadvantages of duco paint. Disadvantages of duco paint are:

  • There are many supporting products. To use duco paint, several other supports are needed, for example putty, primer, and top coat. Until it feels like a lot of spending to buy supporting products. Otherwise, it will be difficult to produce maximum finishing when only using a few products.

  • It takes quite a long time. What we all know is that there are several supporting products for finishing results to get maximum results. So when the process takes a long time because to apply one by one the supporting products so it is felt less practical.

Thus the explanation related to duco paint. Hopefully what has been explained above can provide new information about duco paint.

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