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Painting Tips For Beginners

Being a painter is not as easy as we see, it is easy to be a professional painter. Even a professional will admit that to produce a good painting one must have gone through various results from not being completely satisfied to being very satisfied or satisfying.

As a beginner, to minimize failures try with economical materials and of course with the guidance of an expert in painting. The steps that you have to prepare are:

1. Prepare materials and materials, such as

- An angina compressor

- Spray paint tool (Spraygun)

- Sandpaper

- Compound

- Wipe the cloth

- Newspaper and paper glue

- NC paint, NC varnish and primers

2. Sand all the parts to be painted

3. Cover the part to be painted with newspapers to avoid dust

4. Use a base paint so that the surface is smooth and does not fade easily on the part to be painted

5. Spray at a distance of 30-35cm

6. Wait for it to dry completely

7. Wipe with a compound so that the paint sticks thoroughly

8. Then spray the paint with varnish gradually at a distance of 25-30 then let stand for a while and do the second spraying and so on until the painted part is closed

9. Wait for it to dry

10. Wipe with compound again until shiny and then use wax.

Those are the steps that you can try as a beginner in the process of painting a car or motorcycle.

Thinner / solvents that can be used as a solvent for car paint or spray gun cleaners are Thinner A and A Special.

Thinner is certainly very helpful in the painting process, so make sure you use a quality thinner. You can get various types of thinner at CV Tando Jaya. Hopefully this information is useful and for more complete information about the types of solvents and thinners, you can get it directly at or WA via this link or to +6281232309997

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