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Painting Tricks When It Rains

Here's how to paint when it rains

a. Prepare the part to be painted in a special room and away from water

b. Spread the paint evenly to minimize wrinkling of the paint

c. Let stand for a moment and use the fire to speed up the drying of the paint during rainy weather like this

d. Maintain a safe distance so that the paint does not burn

e. Flush the painted panels with clear coat

f. Then coat with thick NC varnish evenly

g. Let it dry until the painted panels are completely dry

h. If it's not completely dry, dry it under the hot sun the next day in good weather or it's not raining

Thinner A, A Special and Thinner B are formulated using imported solvents so that they can be painted during the rainy season.

Humid conditions are not the reason for condensation using the Thinner Menorah.

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