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Peeled and Rusted Steel? No More!

Iron is known to many people as a strong and durable material. Therefore do not be surprised if many parts of the house use iron material. One example is fence, stairs, chairs and others. But unfortunately iron can experience corrosion that is marked by the appearance of rust or damage to the paint layer such as peeling off if not maintained. The appearance of rust or paint peeling on iron can damage the beauty of the appearance. Rusty iron material and peeling paint are caused by several factors, including due to temperature or changes in weather conditions, when the process of painting is contaminated with dust. Therefore, to minimize the risk of paint peeling and rusty because of these factors. Maybe the steps below can help you to minimize risk. Here are some steps that you might be able to take during the process of applying paint to the fence:

Tools and materials :

· Sandpaper

· Paintbrush

· Gloves

· Face mask

· Cloth

· Thinner A or B or A Special Menorah (as needed)

· Paint


1. Wear a mask and gloves

2. Clean the surface of the iron from dust, oil or other impurities attached to the surface using a cloth, after that the surface sandpaper until it is completely smooth. If there is old paint on the surface that is peeling and rusty, use the thinner to eliminate or flush the old paint or rust that has the surface, after that the sandpaper until the surface is completely smooth.

3. Apply iron base paint that can select the appearance of rust on the surface of the iron and the last paint can stick perfectly.

4. Furthermore, apply iron paint to the entire surface by a brush and let stand until completely dry and need to be considered when the drying process must be completely dry and avoid dust.

5. For the last stage, lay one more time evenly on the iron surface to get maximum results so that the paint that you have applied to the Pagaer is not easily peeled and rusty.

Apply the paint properly and well starting from ensuring the surface of the iron or the surface that we will paint is clean to painting the final layer. Hopefully what has been explained above can help iron material like your fence becomes more durable.

Hopefully this article is useful!

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