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Process of Mixing Wood Paint and Thinner

Before using paint for painting, the paint must first be made thin with a thinner. To thin wood paint you can use Thinner B which is easy to find and economical price. This type of thinner is not too difficult to find, you can check the price of thinner B and buy it directly at CV Tando Jaya.

After you buy the thinner, just prepare your equipment before painting the wood. Here is the process of mixing wood paint with thinner:

a. Prepare solvent paint and don't use water based paint.

b. Don't forget to read the rules on the paint can for the comparison of mixing paint with thinner

c. Prepare thinner B that you have bought at CV Tando Jaya

d. Then mix the paint and thinner B in the ratio according to the rules on the paint can

e. Stir until evenly distributed

f. Add thinner B if the paint still feels thick

g. After that your wood paint is ready to use

Thinner is certainly very helpful in the painting process, so make sure you use a quality thinner. You can get various types of thinner at CV Tando Jaya. Hopefully this information is useful and for more complete information about the types of solvents and thinners, you can get it directly at or WA via this link.

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