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Solvent Cleaner And Other Methods For Coating Preparation

Solvent cleaner is a chemical that is generally used in surface preparation prior to coating application. This method is to prepare materials that are contaminated with oil, grease and dirt which are difficult to remove with water. When using solvents, proper ventilation and waste handling is needed because solvents have flammable characteristics and are included in the B3 category.

There is another method that can also be used to prepare the surface prior to coating application, namely the chemical stripper method to remove iron paint effectively. For example removing the old coating. Which is generally used for maintenance, if you want to repaint small equipment that has lots of curves. You can use eonstrips. Apply sufficiently brushed on the paint surface. then in less than 5 minutes the paint will disappear easily. Furthermore, the hand tool cleaning method where using this method requires a wire brush to remove rust and paint compounds. wire brush will not change the surface. The power tool cleaning method in which this method uses a grinder. Using this method can also remove rust and paint that are firmly attached to the surface. The dry abrasive blast cleaning method can also remove coatings, rust and deposits. The wet abrasive blast cleaning method is used when dust control is required, to reduce closed system complexes and controls to reduce exposure to toxic dusts. The last method is water jetting, this method uses water pressure that is used from the adhesion coating to be released. High pressure can remove the coating that sticks firmly to the surface. Can remove rust but cannot remove scale.

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