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Thinner Paint Definition, Uses, How to Use

Thinner itself is known as a thinner. In general, paint thinner is used to clean oil-based paints that stick to painting tools such as brushes and rollers. In addition, thinner can also be used to thin and reduce the viscosity of the paint so that it can be used in spray paint applicators. Thinner can also be used to prevent paint hardening when left open.

Usage Suggestions

- Cold paint is not recommended because it can affect the thickness and application process.

- Thinner is recommended to be mixed with paint stored at room temperature.

- Use a wooden stick or spoon to stir the paint as you add paint thinner.

- Before starting, test the mixture, applying two coats to your surface. Make sure the paint isn't dripping or it's not too thick.

- Stir gently to make sure that the diluent is well mixed.

- When using a special color paint, make sure the paint for all the buckets is different and not mixed in one bucket, so that the color results are consistent.

- If you have added thinner to the paint and it still looks too thick, it's a good idea to add a little water to it, make sure it's latex paint.

- Do not let thin paint open for too long, as it will evaporate.

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