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Tips for Washing The Spray Gun After Using it.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Have you ever used a spray gun before but the output was not perfect and even? Chances are your spray gun is dirty and needs to be washed after painting or after using it as a basecoat.

In the following, we will share tips for washing the spray gun after painting / basecoat.

The materials needed include:

- Thinner A or A Special

- Wipe clean

- Brush

- Brake wire

- Clean container

- Set key or wrench

- Spray gun special brush

The tips are as follows:

a) Open all parts of the spray gun with the key provided when finished using the spray gun.

b) After opening all parts store in the container provided and fill with about ¼ liter of thinner.

c) Wash all elements of the spray gun element down to the smallest part then wipe with a clean cloth until dry.

d) For the spray gun, use the brake wire that has been opened one by one and see which parts are clogged with the remaining paint and then clean it as cleanly as possible.

e) Put the thinner into the tube, mix it using a stirrer.

f) Wash the tube using the brush provided, for the outside using the brush.

g) Then put enough thinner back on the spray gun tab, use wind on the compressor to remove the remaining paint in the previous method.

h) After everything is clean, plug it in and reassemble the spray guy.

i) Wipe with a cloth cloth on the outside.

j) Use a thinner to test the power out of the spray gun. Then try adjusting the material volume adjustment knob and the air outlet setting knob. Press the trigger for the desired result.

k) The process is complete.

Hope this article helps!

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