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Tips to Get Rid of Paint Odors with Daily Ingredients

The smell of paint that is left behind is always a problem, especially paint that uses thinner will give off a strong odor. So it is important for you to pay attention to several things before painting such as opening windows and doors, using a fan and turning off the air conditioner if in a room that uses AC.

To get rid of the scent that is still lingering, you can just use odor absorption or use natural ingredients at home, here are examples of natural ingredients that can get rid of the remaining pungent odor:

a. Charcoal: Put the charcoal in a smelly room and close the windows and doors and let it sit overnight. Because wood charcoal can neutralize and can absorb odors contained in paint.

b. Onion: Cut the onion and place it in a corner of the room, leaving the split side up. Because onions also have a strong aroma, they are considered to neutralize the smell of paint around them.

c. Garlic: Hang or use a fan on a few peeled garlic cloves in a smelly room because the sharp aroma of garlic can get rid of paint smells at home.

d. Ground black coffee: Leave ground black coffee in a container in a smelly room then close any doors or windows. The coffee will absorb the smell of paint and will change to a fragrant coffee aroma.

e. Clothes deodorizer solution: Pour clothes or laundry fragrance into the bucket with water, stir evenly and leave the bucket in the room. Fragrance is also effective in absorbing odors.

Those are tips to get rid of paint odors with makeshift ingredients at home and easy to try.

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