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Type of Wood and Its Finishing

Manufacture of wood furniture through a very long process until the furniture is ready to use. One very important process in the production of wood furniture is finishing. In the world of finishing wood furniture there are various types and products on the market. The resulting finishing results are quite different. Each ingredient and finishing process have different and unique final results. Instead we are confused we see a related explanation of the types of finishing.

The types of materials that are usually used for wood finishing processes, namely:

  1. Varnish: The use of varnish in finishing is very practical. Only need to ensure the wooden surface that will finish smooth and flat. For the next, apply varnish on the entire wooden surface then wait to dry perfectly.

  2. Pelitur: Unites are different from varnish. The pentur in the form of Sirlake (Shellace) is a piece of pieces or serpidors mixed with alcohol before being smeared on the wooden surface. DMK01 and DMK02 are the most appropriate solvents for Sirlak. Dissolve quickly and the glossy results.

  3. Teak Oil: The use of Teak Oil is perfect for those of you who want to maintain the beauty of wood fibers because this finishing type of wood oil can soak into wood pores without forming layers so that it can maintain wood fibers.

  4. NIRTO CELLULOSE (NC) LACQUER: The use of the NC in the finishing process forms a waterproof layer, but there are some streaks it is not strong to withstand scratches or collisions. In applying the NC can be done by relying on air pressure so that it can be sprayed or brushed. Thinner A and Thinner A Special are reliable solvents for NC Lacquer. Check full.

  5. Waterbased Lacquer: The use of waterbased in the finishing process is classified as environmentally friendly materials because as a mixture only requires additional water and minimal exposure to chemicals when eliminated evaporation.

  6. Melamik: The use of melamic finishing is very suitable to be applied to the type of interior furniture because it provides a luxurious final appearance. Finishing with melamik makes the wooden surface coated very smooth because the pores of the wood are closed. However, the weakness of this finishing is to cause odor so that when the process of applying the room is needed for the smooth circulation of air so that the finishing odor does not survive in the room.

  7. Natural Wax: Natural Wax can be an option for you who like the natural look of wood. Natural Waxed pasta-shaped and suitable for use to menonjoklakn native wood. Natural Wax does not emit a sharp smell like melaming. Each finishing has the advantages and disadvantages of each for Natural Wax having a lack of not providing protection in wood furniture because it has a high level of fineness.

  8. Cat Duco: Finishing with paint Duco can improve wood charms besides adding strength and robustness of wood. In addition, Duco paint is able to cover wood fibers that arise less than perfect. Duco paint is very suitable to be applied to modern, minimalist and children's furniture furniture. There are several color variants offered on Duco paint that can provide a luxurious look directly on the furniture. Thinner A and Thinner A Special are reliable solvents for NC Lacquer. Check full.

  9. PU (Polyurethane): The use of PU in the finishing process will produce the thickest layer that can protect the wood surface, even the testur resembles plastic. For the detention of water and heat is very good, suitable for exterior furniture. Thinner PU is the number one solvent for PU finishing. The results are slow dry and shiny.

  10. High Pressure Laminate Lamination (HPL): This type of finishing is very popular, because HPL in the installation process is very practical. HPL is usually lagged for the bodies of kitchen sets and not infrequently also used for wall panels, floors, and ceilings because HPL provides a variety of motif variants.

  11. PVC: one of the most durable finishing types. PVC resilience rival solid wood and PVC can be obtained at a very affordable price. However, PVC is made of less environmentally friendly ingredients and does not display wood texture naturally

  12. The venner layer: the use of this finishing cannot provide a clear finish effect, but can provide a natural wood furniture display because this finishing is made of genuine wood fibers. For the price offered, it is quite expensive in the market compared to the other finishing.

  13. Tacon: The use of finishing Tacon is very flexible so it is easy to follow the shape and curvature of the furniture. Tacon is made of plastic with thickness owned less than 1mm and Tacon has a texture display that resembles wood, but the finishing of this tacon is not natural and easily faded so as to reduce the value of the beauty of aesthetics.

Those are some explanations related to finishing materials. You can finish wood furniture according to their respective needs. So many information that can be conveyed.

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