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Types of Glue on the Market

In the world of printing, there are various types of glue for making various types of crafts. The type of glue used must be chosen correctly. Because this will greatly affect the quality and perfection of printed products. One example is that to bind a book you need hot melt glue and animal jelly glue. Both glues have their respective functions. Hot melt glue is used to attach the sides of the book to the soft cover, while animal jelly glue is used to attach the back of the book to the soft cover. Let's learn together the types of glue for various crafts or printing products. As previously explained, there are various types of glue with their respective functions. You can find it at building stores or stationery stores depending on what type of glue you are looking for. And don't forget, even though there are many types of glue, you still have to pay attention to the use of each glue.

1. Glue stick or commonly referred to as glue stick. This type of stick glue has low adhesion. Because glue sticks are usually used by children. For example, it is used to glue paper, cardboard and so on. Glue sticks are also used to glue envelopes, clippings, or paper crafts and so on.

2. Glue gun or also known as hot glue. This glue gun has a long, straw-like filling. This type of glue is usually used for handicrafts. Hot glue is very easy to use. So many people choose to use a glue gun. However, hot glue is not suitable for use on children, because using hot glue uses an electric current which produces heat to make the glue filling flexible.

3. Fabric glue usually has a white or clear color. This fabric glue is often used by tailors to attach beads. Tailors usually use fabric glue because there are several types of beads that can be sewn on using a sewing machine. But if you want to use fabric glue, you have to pay more attention to reading the instructions for using the glue. Fabric glue can also be used to attach flannel and other things.

4. Epoxy glue has very high adhesion. This type of glue also has the advantage of being able to bond very quickly. Apart from that, epoxy glue is also known as a type of glue that is long lasting, has flexibility and good drying speed.

5. Polyurethane glue also has high adhesion. This type of glue is known as multifunctional glue. Because polyurethane glue can stick to all kinds of things. Such as textile fibers, metal, plastic, rubber and wood. Polyurethane glue is known as waterproof glue.

6. Spray glue is an adhesive in the form of a solution. When used, use a spray applicator. When using this type of glue, it is highly recommended to apply it in an open area so that it is not inhaled. After spraying on the object, let the solvent in the spray glue evaporate completely. When using spray glue, make sure the object is positioned correctly before it dries completely. When it is completely dry, the object cannot move at all. Spray glue is often used on paper, foam board, fabric, photos and so on. This type of glue is highly recommended for sticking wallpaper.

7. Cyanoacrylate glue, commonly known as Korean glue. This type of glue has adhesive power for all types of materials or objects. This glue has very strong adhesive power and when dry it is clear in color. Please note that this type of glue is very sensitive if it comes into contact with the skin. Please note that cyanoacrylate glue is not recommended for use on foamed plastic. Cyanoacrylate glue can be cleaned using acetone solvent for cleaning. Cyanoacrylate glue can dry in seconds to minutes, but it depends on the material. Cyanoacrylate glue is very suitable for use on wood, metal, ceramics, glass. You can find cyanoacrylate glue in various stores, usually known as G glue.

8. We are all familiar with this glue, namely yellow wood glue. This type of glue is used for types of wood. has better adhesion and in dry conditions. There are several types of wood glue that we come across that have a stiffer texture, if they have this texture they can be easily sanded. There is also wood glue which is white when it dries and becomes clear. So make sure to read the label. The drying process for yellow wood glue usually takes less than 1 hour, but sometimes it takes 24 hours to reach full strength.

There are 3 types of wood glue on the market:

  • Type I: has water-resistant properties

  • Type II: very suitable for exterior use. Mini le can dry at cooler temperatures. Types I & II can be used for exterior applications, such as outdoor furniture and carvings.

  • Type III: not waterproof and designed for interior use only.

9. White glue is usually used for crafts made from light materials such as cardboard, paper and cloth. The basic ingredient of white glue is water, so Le Mini is very easy to clean. but le mini has a low adhesive level and the glue must really dry completely beforehand. This type of glue is very sensitive when the material or object is wet.

Especially for Solvent Based Glue, you can use: Glue Thinner as a solution if something needs to be cleaned, or as a solvent for the Glue.

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