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Use of Solvents in the Manufacturing Industry

In the Industry Law, it is an economic activity that processes raw materials, raw materials and/or semi-finished goods into goods with a higher value for their use. Manufacturing is a business entity whose job is to use certain machines, equipment, and personnel in processing raw materials into finished goods to support the process. This processing activity is called manufacturing because it is carried out on a large scale with the aim of being sold to the wider community. The goods that we use and consume everyday are the products of manufacturing companies. For example instant noodles, sugar, snacks, cars, motorbikes, clothes and so on. There are a number of manufacturing industries in the process of managing raw materials into goods of sale value that use machine power. It is very important for companies to maintain production machines so that production continues. To treat machines in the industrial sector, chemical solvents can function to clean equipment or machines in the industry and can be a mixture of chemically combined solvents.

Cleaning solvent works to dissolve dirt, clear, colorless. Suitable for general maintenance cleaning, automotive, transportation equipment, tanks and marine. Able to melt lubricating oil grease. It is a very potent and effective cleanser.

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